Abstract Peer Review Reinvented

History has thought us that peer reviewing was a great idea. And indeed it had been, science had never been bigger than today. However, recent reflections on the peer reviewing system expose some major flaws in the system. Publication and confirmation bias are some of the biases that influence a paper being published. The revolution of printed press accelerated the growth of science. The new revolution is upon us, the internet. I propose that journals should adopt a new format which is completely digital. This new system dictates that new findings(papers) are put on an online discussion board for all to see and comment on. For free. In this way everybody can comment on the process and the writers can defend themselves and perhaps improve on the results, methods or can further examine any possible confounds. In this way science is open as it should be, and more people can influence the field of science and learn from the openly available body of knowledge.

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